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Twitter offering Good Deals

nycmayortwittertweetAnother benefit of being on Twitter

I’ve heard of the benefits of following companies that may give out some good information like @JetBlue tweeting about great prices on last minute fares, or @Loehmanns tweeting discounts on brand name handbags.  I have even benefited in the past by perusing my tweets, like when I found out about the free coffee @Starbucks was giving out during the last national election.

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Why Miley Cyrus Should Not Have Quit Twitter

Miley goes quitter on twitter

I will admit, I did not know Miley Cyrus was even on twitter to begin with, as I personally am not on it to follow celebrities  nor am I her demographic.  I only heard that Miley was on it when I just learned she quit today,as it hit several news outlets.  I never saw a tweet from her, but Im guessing by other celebrity tweets, that she probably tweeted about what she was doing.  She released a rap video explaining her abrupt departure of the medium citing her twitter feed feeding tabloids with more salacious details to write about.

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