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How Social Media Is Being Empowered by Traditional Television Advertising

Something struck me when I happened to watch an ad on Greatest Moments in Tailgating history, similar to the video below, featuring Toyota.  There are a series of these ads with different sponsors led in by commentators during a football game analysis.

Instead of informing, persuading or convincing, advertisements tend to take things a bit too far by sneaking in an advertisement.  I remember the first time I watched this transition into this new commercial, at first, I thought I was going to watch something informative, only to be disappointed that I was once again being disturbed by another commercial, something I thought I was done with since I got DVR.  Consumers aren’t just smart now; they are learned, sophisticated, forum-thronging and community-opinion centric. Once again, sponsors are still trying to sell us by tricking us to watch these new commercials.

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Brand Management: 4 Ways to Boost Your Brand Image


When people trust your brand, you do better business — especially when you are providing a service, because your services are personal, unique and very critical for your clients.  So, how do you build that brand?  How would you go about getting your customers to start talking about you?  How do you build your brand image and enhance it?

Here are a few things you can do to boost your personal or professional brand image today: Read More

Why You Can’t Help But Use Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration tools
Online Collaboration tools

The world is soon going to see a change: Just like the snail mail gave way to email, cubicles will soon be history. Commuting to offices will be thought of as a ridiculous suicidal mission and that’s why collaborating with teams will be something everyone will end up doing – sooner or later. It is important to be able to set-up and form virtual teams, manage them effectively (this is a different animal altogether). You will have to learn to deal with constant attrition in team (again, this happens at the drop of a hat). Management, no matter how much technology improves, will still demand competence and skill. This post however is to talk about the technology bit. Here are the some of the best tools for collaborating with teams online: Read More

LinkedIn Success Story

Recently, I received an email via LinkedIn from Kate Edwards, who went to one of my “I have a profile, Now what?” lectures.  She followed it up by going to one of my LinkedIn Clinics, to build up her profile.  I hold these clinics weekly at my office and I post them on the company facebook page.  She happened to come to one of my beginners session, where I work with users on their laptop, creating an effective profile and learning how to gain visibility on LinkedIn.  See her note below to me sharing her success using LinkedIn. Read More