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LinkedIn Success Story

Recently, I received an email via LinkedIn from Kate Edwards, who went to one of my “I have a profile, Now what?” lectures.  She followed it up by going to one of my LinkedIn Clinics, to build up her profile.  I hold these clinics weekly at my office and I post them on the company facebook page.  She happened to come to one of my beginners session, where I work with users on their laptop, creating an effective profile and learning how to gain visibility on LinkedIn.  See her note below to me sharing her success using LinkedIn. Read More

Path Interactive Facebook Page Now Live!

path_logoFinally got around to getting the new Path Interactive facebook page up.  I launched it last Monday and added some applications like RSS Social, but used RSS Graffiti for the wall since RSS Social refreshes a lot slower.  As discussed with the team, we wanted to feature some of our client’s pages on our profile, so I installed the favorite pages application.  Since you now need 25 fans to get a vanity url (, we did a soft launch to week prior.

In one week, we are close to 200 fans, which is around the number we projected.  We plan to use our page to showcase our blog, provide event information such as our seminars and linkedin clinics which are hosted in our offices, and we plan to have some giveaways to our facebook fans.

So come join us @!

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Linking in on Linkedin


Utilizing Linkedin to change the way we connect

It all started off in an elevator, I walked in and pressed the elevator down.  A gentleman came in on a lower floor and joined me.  In New York, you rarely speak in the elevator to strangers, but once in awhile it does happen.  He was a cheery fellow and commented on how nice of a day it was.  Not sure how within 20 seconds the conversation Read More

Bryan Adams Featured on Ivory Tower Radio

Bryan_AdamsBryan Adams was featured and  interviewed by Larry Sharpe yesterday, on Ivory Tower radio.  He shared his thoughts on public relations in today’s world and provided some insight on how you can promote yourself to your desired audience online and off.

Bryan is the founder of FAB communications, and is a publicist.  I have known Bryan for three years we have shared our knowledge on social media and how to best use it for our personal development.

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LinkedIn Reaches 50 Million Users

linkedin_profileAn excerpt from my contribution to the Path Interactive blog…..
“Last week, LinkedIn reached another milestone, by reaching 50 million users worldwide.  Half of those users are in the United States.  Trailing behind the U.S. is Europe with approximately 11 million users.  How quickly is LinkedIn growing?  To put it in perspective, it took the social network nearly 3 years to reach its first 5 million users, while the last million has taken a little over two weeks.”  Read full post

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