Brand Management: 4 Ways to Boost Your Brand Image


When people trust your brand, you do better business — especially when you are providing a service, because your services are personal, unique and very critical for your clients.  So, how do you build that brand?  How would you go about getting your customers to start talking about you?  How do you build your brand image and enhance it?

Here are a few things you can do to boost your personal or professional brand image today:

Quality Service, No exceptions to it: All your brand-building efforts are useless if you cannot manage to have a quality service plan in place.  The quality of your service should delight the customer and nothing less.  The experience should be like one he/she has never seen.  It should be something your customers should crave to use again.  Remember this: a brand is a fancy word for a promise you make to your customer that no matter how many times they use your service, they will always be delighted with the ever consistent, excellent and superior service quality.

Go networking and use your brand identity everywhere: You may have a logo and you have a blog.  Now, it’s time to go to the following places and make a professional page of yourself stating clearly what you do, the business you are in and gather some testimonials. Some of the best networking communities you could go to today would be:

  • LinkedIn — Free for the most part, but there are pay-up for added features, reaching out to people who are not in your network, etc)
  • Naymz — A rather new community website, but has a ton of features and is completely free to use. Put your profile up here, bring all your social media profiles like Linked In, Ryze and others to a single platform and even get your own .name domain name (premium feature) which can be used to point to each of your profiles.

Use Twitter: Sign-up on twitter with your business name and focus on growing your followers.  Twitter is a rage right now and can help leverage your reach across the Internet.  The key to doing well on twitter is not to toot your own horn, but to help others, share valuable information, solve people’s problems, make friends, network and just get popular.   To promote yourself on twitter effectively, I recommend reading this post on Mashable called “Twitter promotion done right: #moonfruit”.  You will then know why I picked this particular example.   Also, brand your Twitter background. You might want to see how Pete Cashmore, owner of has his Twitter background branded.

Provide Unbiased Information, even if it hurts you: I have always worked in business development roles.   In past times, when my service was too expensive for the client or perhaps it is not what the client is looking for., can you guess what I did then? I used to ensure that I got to know what their exact requirements are, and  give him ideas about other services (my competition).  That way, I ensured that my clients knew all their options.  Oh yes, I do lose my business there, but clients end up trusting me.  I become a trusted consultant; the go-to person and an expert.  Eventually, I would get business through referrals and word-of-mouth.  Provide unbiased information using your blog.  Just stand by them and see how your brand image increases.

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