The Death of Instagram

Wondering why Instagram is not as cool as it used to be?

Every service has that “Jump the Shark” moment, and in my opinion, Instagram over the last few months has done so.  I debated whether to post a blog post or do a video, and since the cameras were setup, I did the latter.  The open source platform that boosted facebook into Social hall of fame, seems to have sucked the life out of what was once a cool app.

Can Facebook Search Take On Google’s Search Engine?

Facebook Search Engine

Facebook is reportedly putting a team together led by former Google engineer Lars Ramusen to overhaul their search capabilities on the platform.  Rumors are flying around that this effort may go beyond just improving search as we know it on Facebook, rather a concerted effort to compete with Google for pay per click dollars.  Can they pull it off?  Read about my arguments for and against…. Facebook Search Engine?  Can They Pull it Off? Read More

Facebook Marketing Course NYC


Facebook Marketing Course


Looking forward to doing the first course if it’s kind – Facebook Marketing at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.  It’s amazing how much has changed since I was appointed, something  I should have already known when I spoke at this topic at a number of conferences.  I look forward to the challenge of providing the most cutting edge information and techniques to my students.  For full details, read about the Facebook Marketing NYC course in the press room of the Path blog.

Sh*t NY Social Media Experts Say

shit social media experts say


Proud of our office that pulled this together in the midst of working like crazy, which explains its late release.  Its an idea we came up with in late December when the original of the sh*t says series started by “Sh*t Girls Say” to do one specifically on social media.  Before we could finally put one out there were a few that hit youtube, all with some success as far as views.  We decided to tweak the title and make it NY centric.  Unexpectedly, my cat made the cut, :)  enjoy……

The SuperHateBowl – Analyzing Hate #SuperBowl Sentiment


All week, we’ve been monitoring negative sentiment towards Super Bowl teams by their fans.  I have to give credit for Sarah Dryden for putting in the labor, researching, digging up info and writing up the posts for an interesting angle on this match up.  All the posts are featured on our blog starting with the kickoff post on Monday (pun intended, :)), Who Talks More Trash.  Below are the latest charts in our “SuperHateBowl.”


Super Bowl Social Media Sentiment

Super Bowl Hate Sentiment



Ruben Quinones Mentioned in the New York Times


I was recently included in an interesting article called, “A Pitched Battle Over Bedbugs in Online Search Advertising”.  I had several conversations with the reporter Tanzina Vega for this story.  It turned out to be a small mention, but  hey, I will take it!  Its always to good to get a little press, especially when its the NY Times.  It certainly has helped me realize how much work goes into a story as she spoke to several sources and did a lot of fact checking.  It also turned out to be an interesting article, especially here in New York, with all the bed bug hysteria.  If you missed the print copy, check it online here.